Simon Voelker, Malte Weiss, Chat Wacharamanotham, Jan Borchers
In Proceedings of ITS '11, ACM, 158 – 161
Publication year: 2011



We introduce Dynamic Portals, a lightweight interaction technique to transfer virtual objects across tabletops. They  maintain the spatial coherence of objects and inherently align them to the recipients’ workspace. Furthermore, they allow the exchange of digital documents among multiple users. A remote view enables users to align their objects at the target location. This paper explores the interaction technique and shows how our concept can also be applied as zoomable viewport and shared workspace.

The Team

Dynamic Portals is a research project by Simon VoelkerMalte Weiss, Chat Wacharamanotham, and Jan Borchers from the Media Computing Group. It is funded in part through the German B-IT Foundation.


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